In the context of the implementation of the project entitled „International Engineering Competence Centers to push Sustainable Mobility Development in Albania and Montenegro – INTEC (Proposal number: 101081873)“ with the main partner University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum (FHJ) – Graz Austria, on 09-10th of April, 2024, the SOCIA SMOodle Camp, Day 1 and Day 2 took place. The training activities were held on-line and 17 persons in total participated, from all partner countries. The training activities were coordinated by Anastasia Sfiri from University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum. At first there was a reflection on the competences of all attendants and their future needs. Everybody summarized the outcomes of their discussion group and other partners advised on possible tools and other platforms. The second day was to explore online tools and social media and how they can be used for students learning. An open discussion was started on online tools and social media that the students use and how these media can support teaching and engage students in their study. The task was raised to motivate collegues to support e-learning and social media support. The problem based learning was introduced. Last task was to create an e-tivity which is a framework for activities and interactive learning. At the end of the session a feedback form was filled in.

The training lasted 6 hours in total.