Sustainable transportation and mobility systems are important pre-conditions to achieve our global climate targets. There is a huge potetial to use vehicles efficiently and there are new innovative technologies which provide future opportunities. EU member states comitted to turn into climate neutral countries by 2050 (Green Deal). To get there, the EU needs to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. It is important to border also Albania (AL) and Montenegro (ME) to join this transition to greener mobility. Engineering students are the enablers to push sustainable mobility. Albania and Montenegro are located at the adriatic sea and therefore the reach of maritme vehicles to sustainable mobility is another reason of targeting these countries. Within in the project AL und ME will be encouraged to develop new sustainable vehicle concepts, to modernize the local equipment and there will be an educational impulse among the participating partners.  

The European green deal – making transport sustainable for all

The European Green Deal is the strategy by which the EU aims to achieve its 2050 target. It is a holistic approach in the form of a package of cross-sectoral policy initiatives designed to put the EU on track to make a green transition by reducing the net emissions to zero. That means:


reduction of emissions from cars by 2030


reduction of emissions from vans by 2030


emissions from new cars by 2035