In the context of the implementation of the project entitled „International Engineering Competence Centers to push Sustainable Mobility Development in Albania and Montenegro – INTEC (Proposal number: 101081873)“ with the main partner University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneuam (FHJ) – Graz Austria, on 12 September, 2023, the 1st management Board Meeting took place. The meeting was held on-line and thirteen person in total participated, one from each partner. During the meeting were discussed the:
– Obligations and rights of the MB members Feedback on the management handbook;
– Time plan for meetings, trainings and events Partnership Meeting in Tirana 2023, SMOodle Camps;
– Nomination of external survey participants;
– Nomination of QEB members;
– Upcoming deliverables and tasks Start of Technical needs analysis, WP4;
– First Internal Report;
– Involvement of Supporting Partners in the project;
– Update on PA and GA;
– Introduction to INTEC webpage.
At the end of the meeting, the partners agreed to continue the work for the best implementation of the project in order to complete all the settled goals.

Kick-off meeting took place. In total, 22 people from 11 project partners participated. During the meeting, all the work packages and their implementation, the main obligations of each of the partners as well as financial issues were discussed. It was agreed that the partnership agreement will be signed in the following period. During the meeting, each partner presented the institution he/she represented, while some issues of Work Package 3 (Work Package 3 – WP 3 – Presentation of the results gathered through the status-quo and training needs analysis by each WEB HEI) were also discussed, where each partner from the Western Balkans presented the results of the status-quo analysis and training needs. During the meeting, the establishment of Quality, Ethics Board & External Quality Assurance and Management Board was also discussed.