Smoodle Training 1 Basic

In the context of the implementation of the project entitled „International Engineering Competence Centers to push Sustainable Mobility Development in Albania and Montenegro – INTEC (Proposal number: 101081873)“ with the main partner University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneuam (FHJ) – Graz Austria, on 14-15 February, 2024, the Basic SMOodle Camp, Day 1 and Basic SMOodle Camp, Day 2 took place. The training activities were held on-line and 25 person in total participated, from all partner countries. The training activities were coordinated by Anastasia Sfiri from University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneuam. Initially, Dr. Sfiri presented herself as well as the main goals of the training activity. After that all participants presented themselves and their institutions coming from. Dr. Sfiri the first day presented some examples of the Moodle courses and how the participants can use them in their daily activities. After that, all participants prepared a short presentation of themselves on Moodle as well as identified the challenges and what is not helpful for learning.
During the second day, it was discussed how to use the Moodle Learning Management System for learning in a group and the learning design of a blended learning course in Moodle. Additionally, it was explained the basic structure and functionality of the learning management system Moodle and the basic Moodle tools and activities for creating an own course.
In total the training activities lasted six (6) hours (three hours each day.