Development of a digital learning environment for blended learning concepts
Building competences among INTEC Ambassadors (trainers of the IECCs) within the digital learning environment
Use the platform for the Train-the-trainer Modules to exchange knowledge with future INTEC Ambassadors

1: SMOodle Development – Training 1
Set up the SMOodle platform at FHJ
Prepare content for the SMOodle Training Camps
Define time plan for SMOodle Traing camps with consortium

2: SMOodle Training Camps- Training 2
– SMOodle basic camp: basic training
– SMOodle trainer camp: how to produce training material etc.
-SOCIAMoodle: how to share contents and socialize with participants on the platform

3: SMOodle Care
Trainers implement training material on SMOodle
Trainers apply gathered knowledge & engage with participants
Each WEB HEI ensures that platform will be hosted individually after project end