• In the context of the implementation of the project entitled „International Engineering Competence Centers to push Sustainable Mobility Development in Albania and Montenegro – INTEC (Proposal number: 101081873)“ with the main partner University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum (FHJ) – Graz Austria, on 10-12 June 2024, took place the Third Train-the Trainer Module. The training activities lasted three days and took place at University of Donja Gorica, in Podgorica, Montenegro. This training activity was planned in the context of the WP6 (Train-the-trainer Modules & Internal Train-the-trainer Sessions) and more specifically in the context of Task 6.2 (Train-the trainer Modules-Training 3). In the training activities took part 22 academic staff from the different partners of the consortium. During the training activities we had nine training sessions. The trainers were Martin Gosar, Annette Casey, Adrian Millward-Sadler, Anastasia Sfiri and Luka Lakovic hosted the site visit. All the activities were held as planned.

    The following content was teached:

    1. problem and project-based learning
    2. critical thinking
    3. Embracing ChatGPT to promote critical thinking
    4. There were 2 moodle hands-on sessions
    5. Communication
    6. leadership