Main Objectives of the Project

To support the transition to sustainable mobility in AL and MNE the INTEC project sets impulses to modernize the local economies by primarily • increasing the know-how of academic staff and students through intense trainings covering different fields of engineering and soft skills for engineers, using modern learning approaches. By meeting the needs of businesses and governmental bodies as well as of the HEIs, students shall be equipped with the necessary competences to be made fit for the local labour markets. • boosting communication between universities and different groups of interest, intensifying university-business-government ooperations (triple helix concept) and creating new long-term cooperations through community building events, workshops and joint projects. • raising the awareness on the importance and efforts of sustainable mobility and transportation among citizens and drawing the attention of policy makers to the impact of universities’ research in sustainable mobility through communication and dissemination activities. The main outcome of the project are International Engineering Competence Centers (IECCs) which will be set up at each WB HEI in AL and MNE as melting pots for knowledge, cooperation and entrepreneurial mind-sets. The IECCs are sustainable, long-term structures with specific foci regarding Green Mobility. They are run by the INTEC Ambassadors (specifically trained academic staff and students of the WB HEIs) and are integrated the WB HEIs overall structures.